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Did you know that poor communication in the workplace is one of the leading causes of employee burnout, poor retention, and negative work culture?

It goes even further than that. The Society for Human Resource Management shared research that studied the financial impact of poor communication for organizations of 100 employees as well as 100,000 employees. In an average year, these companies lost an average $402,000 USD and $62.4 million USD, respectively.

Not only is poor communication incredibly costly for organizations, but subpar communication is also extremely time consuming. According to a recent survey conducted by Grammarly and The Harris Poll, employees lose an average 7.47 hours per week (nearly one full work day!) due to poor communication.

My Communicoach™ was created to improve workplace communication at the individual level, allowing the beneficial impact to ripple throughout the organization.

What We Offer

At My Communicoach™, we offer organizational workshops targeting a variety of leadership communication topics. Our workshops typically range from 1-2 hours in length and are perfect for lunch-and-learn sessions and professional development offerings.

Crucial Conversations Workshop

In this session, participants will learn how to effectively navigate difficult conversations, discomfort and all!  We’ll learn how to provide feedback to others and how to best manage conflict in a professional setting, all while exploring how to best manage these conversations when emotions are high.

Growing an Authentic Presence Workshop

Having a strong, genuine executive presence is a huge standout quality of effective leaders. In this session, participants will explore the concept of executive presence and how to develop it authentically. They will learn strategies for projecting confidence, credibility, and gravitas in their interactions with clients and internal teams, ultimately positioning themselves as trusted advisors.

Communicating with Impact Workshop

It’s one thing to be an effective communicator, but it’s a whole different ball game to be a memorable communicator. In this session, we’ll explore what makes for a compelling and impactful speaker. We’ll view case studies and examples of how to communicate ideas effectively, equipping participants with the tools to be someone others want to listen to.

Communicating to Connect Workshop

Effective communication is not just about conveying information; it’s about building meaningful connections. In this session, participants will explore the art of building rapport, fostering empathy, and creating lasting connections with clients and colleagues. Through interactive exercises, they will discover how to adapt their communication style to connect with diverse audiences and to truly hone the skill of being an agile communicator.

Active Listening: The Key Driver in People-Focused Communication

In this workshop, participants will discover how active listening isn’t just about hearing words, but about understanding intentions, emotions, and underlying messages. We’ll explore how this practice can enhance participants’ leadership styles, foster meaningful connections, and guide teams through uncertainty with unwavering clarity.

Captivate your Audience: The Art of Powerful Presenting

There’s a reason public speaking is often listed as people’s #1 fear! In this session, participants will learn how to calm nerves related to speaking in front of others and learn evidence-based strategies to present in a confident, compelling manner. We’ll explore case studies of engaging speakers and will learn how we can implement our own authenticity when presenting to a group.

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My Communicoach™ provides organizations with the opportunity to retain talent and invest in their employees with benefits lasting for years to come.

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