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Did you know that poor communication in the workplace is one of the leading causes of employee burnout, poor retention, and negative work culture?

It goes even further than that. The Society for Human Resource Management shared research that studied the financial impact of poor communication for organizations of 100 employees as well as 100,000 employees. In an average year, these companies lost an average $402,000 USD and $62.4 million USD, respectively.

Not only is poor communication incredibly costly for organizations, but subpar communication is also extremely time consuming. According to a recent survey conducted by Grammarly and The Harris Poll, employees lose an average 7.47 hours per week (nearly one full work day!) due to poor communication.

My Communicoach™ was created to improve workplace communication at the individual level, allowing the beneficial impact to ripple throughout the organization.

Why Choose My Communicoach™?

Merging our evidence-based framework with a modern, fresh take on leadership development, we provide engaging and actionable tools to help individuals achieve clear, confident communication at work. 

Teaching communication-related leadership topics ranging from “How to Give an Impactful Presentation” to “How to Constructively Receive and Provide Feedback,” My Communicoach™ covers the most essential subject matter to create positive transformation throughout your company.

We work directly with organizations and individuals to harness the power of effective communication to improve company culture and team dynamics, prevent burnout and high turnover, and save otherwise wasted time and money.

As the go-to digital resource for workplace communication,
My Communicoach™ provides organizations with the opportunity to retain talent and invest in their employees with benefits lasting for years to come.

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