Meet Devon Climer


As a corporate speech trainer and workplace communication expert, Devon has worked with individuals and organizations through 1:1 advising, corporate workshops, and virtual webinars.  She has a Master of Arts degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and spent her years in graduate school studying the scientific process of communication in a motor speech lab.

Upon earning her degree and working her first professional job as a clinician in the hospital setting, Devon quickly found herself feeling overwhelmed and nervous to speak up in the workplace despite her qualifications and intensive academic training. It wasn’t until she dedicated the time and energy developing her professional communication skills when she finally started to feel like a driver in her career, no longer sitting in the passenger seat paralyzed by her own self-doubt.

Devon is committed to helping other professionals gain the confidence and see the power in their own voices through this one-of-a-kind digital platform.

My Communicoach™ is the go-to digital professional development platform for ambitious go-getters looking to level up their leadership communication skills.

How can we help?

We provide professionals with actionable tools to become confident, impactful communicators fully deserving of a seat at the table.

Looking to ditch those feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome in the workplace?
Do you have your sights set on a promotion and want to build your leadership skill set?
Are you a new manager or supervisor looking to hone your people skills?

We got you.

What we offer.

My Communicoach™ Academy is an 8-week, self-paced digital course centered around teaching rising professionals exactly how to overcome common mental barriers and how to elevate your presence at work via clear, confident communication.

Our goal with this platform is to bring a fresh, fun twist to professional development while maintaining an evidence-based approach to maximize results and elevate impact, all while fostering a supportive community of like-minded professionals along the way.

Interested in learning how My Communicoach™ can help your organization?

 Schedule a 30-minute call with My Communicoach™ founder Devon to receive an overview of the program and to ask questions about how we may be a fit for your organization.