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My Communicoach™ teaches emerging leaders and modern organizations how to elevate their leadership with effective communication skills.

Effective, collaborative communication in the workplace is an essential leadership skill.

Strong social skills and the ability to speak with impact are becoming evermore essential in today’s professional world across industries, yet speech anxiety, feelings of self-doubt and overwhelm, and a general lack of topic-specific resources are common issues for many knowledge workers.


I'm not a natural communicator. Am I capable of feeling confident at work?
I want more for myself; How can I level up my career to stand out from the pack?
How can I grow my leadership skill set to truly make an impact, elevate my presence, and curb my speech anxiety?

What if you could learn
how to harness the power of your
voice to excel professionally
and lead your team to success?

Meet Devon Climer


As a corporate speech trainer and workplace communication expert, I am passionate about teaching ambitious professionals how to better connect with others at work to lead with passion and intention.

Once a young professional working for a large healthcare organization, I found myself sitting in the proverbial passenger seat of my career, desiring more out of my day-to-day but lacking the roadmap to help me build my leadership skill set.

It wasn’t until I started working with clients and listening to stories of professionals that I realized just how large of a pain point communication can be for so many people in the workplace.

Whether it’s lacking the confidence to speak up during a meeting, battling imposter syndrome in the conference room, or feeling overwhelmed when providing feedback to others, I quickly learned that there were many knowledge workers who were craving professional resources centered around improving leadership communication skills.

This is where the story of My Communicoach™ began. Coupling my extensive knowledge and training of communication science with my real-world experience as a working professional, I created My Communicoach™ to serve as the go-to digital resource and community for learning tangible communication strategies and receiving unmatched support from like-minded professionals, all centered around elevating our professional impact and leading with purpose.

I look forward to welcoming you to our supportive community!

Our Programs


Speak to Lead

In this live, 100% virtual workshop series, emerging leaders and rising professionals will learn actionable strategies to lead with intention and impact, all through the power of communication.

Strategic Tailored Programming

We’ll work with your organization to develop and deliver engaging, communication-centered workshops to elevate workforce experience and performance.

1:1 Training

We provide private coaching as the ultimate add-on for individuals seeking a more tailored approach to achieve their leadership goals.

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